Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Special Projects for College 101

This video discusses the assignment for this week, especially with respect to the Special Projects on which you all will work.

I suggest that this Friday all of you meet in the class at 11:00 to join into different groups; sign up on the Blackboard Discussion Thread--you will find five different choices, which we will modify as necessary.

So listen to the video and begin thinking about your special projects.

At our next meeting, we will, among other things, look over some of the technology with which all of you will experiment over the next weeks.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weeks Nine and Ten

The video at the conclusion of this posting covers material for Week Nine and part of Week Ten, including the two-page paper due Friday, October 21.

I will record another video about the Special Projects you will work on until the semester's conclusion. You will join groups of five members and devote yourselves to one of a variety of projects, from Web Pages to Blogs, as I discussed early in the term.

I will post on blackboard suggestions for groups for
the Special Projects for which you will sign up over the next ten days.

We will continue to discuss this matter, and I will be in touch.

This video covers the paper due this Friday, October 22, and the short story--
Griots of the Galaxy--you will read this week, leading to the author and singer visit the following week, Andrea Hariston and Pan Morigan.

I will create a separate blog page for these guests to which I will refer you soon enough.

I will be on campus Wednesday but leave for
Chadron early Thursday morning, returning to campus Tuesday morning.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Quiz Three

I loaded a quiz for you and post a video here to help you do a good, good job. You also have a discussion thread over our trip and the final chapters in the novel.

You will also find a blog page devoted to our class activities to which I will add things as the semester moves along.

And eventually these photographs from Red Cloud and the surrounding area will eventually find there way to the preceding blog page.

You can download any photographs that appeal to you.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

College 101 Quiz Two Review

Give this short review your attention before you take the quiz.

College 101 Quiz Two Review

Review for Quiz Two.

This quiz has fifteen questions and follows the identical format as the previous one.

As was the case with last week's quiz, this short video covers all the questions, so listen carefully: and read the questions with equal care.

Do a good job, Bill

Thursday, September 8, 2011

College 101 Quiz Review

Hello Everyone, This video will help you do an excellent job on the quiz.

As promised, this twenty-minute video offers the correct answers to all fifteen of the true-false and multiple-choice questions.  Listen carefully.  

And when you take the quiz, make sure to read all the questions carefully.

Do a good job, Bill