Sunday, October 7, 2012

College 101 Field Trip to Elmwood and to Lincoln

 College 101 Classes with Joe Starita

On Friday, October 5, the Language Arts/Social Sciences College 101 joined with Ken Meints' Art and History College 101 class for a field trip.

On the way up to our first stop, Ken Meints talked with the students about Ponca Indian music.  Afterwards, we listened to come recordings before putting on a video about Chief Standing Bear, Standing Bear's Footsteps,  a famous Nebraska Ponca Indian and the focus of one of the books--I Am A Man--my section of College 101 reads.

We started out our day at the Beth Streeter Aldrich House and Museum.   Dan Holtz visited my class a couple weeks ago to talk about this still popular  Nebraska author. 
Beth Streeter Aldrich was a best-selling author from the 20s into the 40s, publishing numerous novels and over a hundred shorter works.  Most of her books remain in print.

After touring the house and the museum in Elmwood for an an hour a half, we hopped on the bus to Lincoln, to the Nebraska Historical Society Museum of Nebraska History.

The museum features on the third floor a collection of Nebraska Indian artifacts.   The slideshow from the trip includes some photographs from this selection on the museum's third floor.

After lunch and a tour of the museum, we all gathered in the museum's auditorium to listen to and interact with Joe Starita, who is a professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNL and whose book, I Am A Man, students in my class read.

For over an hour, Joe Starita talked with enthusiasm about the significance of Chief Standing Bear and discussed a variety of issues with the students before signing books.  

I hope that Joe Starita can visit Peru State in the near future, for he has never seen the college and looks forward to making his first trip to the Campus of a Thousand Oaks.

I recorded a few minutes of Starita's talk and apologize for not turning on more lights in the facility.   But you can hear with clarity Starita's enthusiasm for and love of his topic.

The Friday previous to our field trip, author Andy Duncan visited my section of College 101; check out the blog page devoted to Andy's time on campus and listen to a couple videos from his readings on both Thursday and Friday. 

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