Friday, November 16, 2012

College 101 Special Projects

The College 101 class concluded the term by putting to use a variety of internet programs, including a blog, a Facebook group, and a web page--all created by the students.

The web-page designers created on a site devoted to Joe Starita.  And Starita not only provided an interview, but he also sent the students a note in which he expressed his admiration for their efforts.

The Facebook page focuses on the relationship between history and literature in Andy Duncan's short fiction that we read this term.  And inspired by a short story, "Nora and the Zombie,"  the blog page focuses on Zombies, from their roots in Haiti to the present in literature and cinema.

Andy Duncan and others sent the students notes or added to their efforts.

On the final day of classes, as happened on this year's field trip, my class joined with Ken Meints' College 101 class for Music and Art Majors.  

The Music And Art projects included two PowerPoints about what Peru State has to offer and a video that argues for organizing on campus a Designated Driver Program.  I hope soon enough to post this video here.

The students' hard work and the results of their efforts over the past couple weeks impressed both Ken and me.

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