Friday, October 22, 2010

Assignment for November 18

Assignments for November 18 for College 101:

Your assignment
this week requires that you use the Peru State College library's on-line databases and the catalogue for the three state colleges.

Following the guidelines from the handout, experiment with the EBSCO files.

Each of you must find and post on the Discussion Thread for this week a book and article title: a book from the catalogue and an article from the EBSCO search engines. The titles can have anything to do with what we have discussed, from U-2 launches to Andrea Hairston's works.

You do not have to go to the library, for you can do the searches with your computers.

If you have not turned in a paper, get to work on this simple project, a requirement
for the class.

On the Discussion Thread, share the results of your research. In addition, Pan Morigan ( ) and Andrea Hairston ( would love to hear from you.

So write both or one and share with everyone on the discussion board what you ask of Pan and/or Andrea and what message you receive in response.

Enjoy a good, good week. Bill

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